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Plant Based Weight Loss Plans

We have weight loss, *plant based* Vegan & Vegetarian dietary protocols, with easy meal plans and recipes to follow. Our nutritionists can tailor make specific plans for you based on your preferences.

Q. Why follow a plant based diet?

1. High in Antioxidants and Vitamins

Almost all plant-based foods offer high amounts of antioxidants and/or have some anti-inflammatory properties, which means they help stop the progression of disease by supplying nutrients that fight oxidative stress. Diets that are high in vegetables, fruit, legumes, healthy fats & oils, ancient grains, nuts and seeds and other plant foods provide lots of nutrients, including antioxidants and phytonutrients.

A nutrient dense diet is beneficial for gut health, boosting immunity against illnesses, slowing down the effects of aging, protecting against cancer and heart disease, and preventing deficiencies that can lead to many negative reactions.

2. Supports Heart Health

Plant-based foods provide help to lower inflammation, a root cause of heart disease, and also provide dietary fiber. Research has shown that there’s often a link between eating a high fiber diet and having increased protection against high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.

3. Assists Weight Loss

People who eat a high amount of vegetables and some fruit daily tend to have the best protection against weight gain as they age. Fresh vegetables and fruit are low in calories yet are high in terms of fiber.

4. Provides More Digestive Enzymes

If you choose to include a large amount of raw foods in your diet, you’ll benefit from obtaining higher amounts of enzymes, which are important because they are needed to break down food into smaller nutritional units that the body can handle.

5. Is Sustainable and Helpful for the Environment

Many people choose to reduce the amount of meat, fish and other animal foods in their diets in order to lower their carbon footprints. Plant foods are “lower on the food chain” and require less natural resources, such as water and others, to produce.

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