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Emotional Eating Information

Sormeh Vafaie, Certified Integral Coach, has been working at Marin Weight Loss & Wellness for the past year, having some amazing results with patients.

Teaching patients how to learn from their emotions rather than react to them by over eating, and helping them discover their inner world rather than avoiding discomfort, has been transformational for patients she has worked with. Sormeh specializes in healing self judgement and interruptions to early secure attachment, known to be the foundation of various habitual patterns of addiction.

She employs embodied experiential exercises, so patients better understand their own specific emotional triggers, false beliefs, and physical cues, that precede the impetus to overeating. Patients will understand both cognitively and through physical sensations in the body, how they may use food as a means to avoid and distract from feeling vulnerable emotions like inadequacy, abandonment, aloneness, or unlovability.

With a warm and nurturing spirit, Sormeh guides patients empathetically towards self compassion and love and re parents them towards a sense of security, liberation, and vitality. Profound healing can occur, when patients are able to welcome vulnerability and learn how to love themselves.

"I cannot even put in words the experiences I'm having with Sormeh. Words do not do it justice. The experience is spirit and soul and I cannot find appropriate words. Amazing ...I'm thankful and full of gratitude" - Bonnie K.

Sormeh holds a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a Professional Coaching Certification as an Integral Coach from New Ventures West. She is devoted to life long learning and inquiry in psychology, spirituality, energy, and somatics.


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