Program Pricing


1. Mainstream Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss & Transition

$400 per month (4 month commitment)

30 minute, weekly visits


$250 per month (2 X 30 minute) visits per month


$135 per month (1 X 30 minute) visit per month


Spacing your visits out over a longer period of time

*Visits with the Dr. are also included in this package

*Supplements and additional products not included


2. Platinum Weight Loss Program

Precision Health

Program is for 4 months and is approximately $5000, which covers the program costs, visits, supplements and labs. It's an estimate, as insurance coverage can vary widely for some of the testing, as can the supplements and additional support. Regular visits with the Dr. and a weekly 30 minute appointment with a nutritionist is included.


  • Genetic Direction GX Slim and GX Renew
  • Micronutrient Testing
  • Cardio metabolic Testing
  • Thyroid Hormones
  • Microbiome & Digestive Health (GI Map DNA Stool Analysis)


3. Liver Detox Programs

A wonderful way to rebalance your liver and your body! Use as a stand-alone program or as a kick start into into one of our weight loss programs! You can choose a 2 or 4 week program!

*Program Highlights*

We will show you how to detox and rebalance your liver in a safe and effective way. With a step-by-step guide and personal nutritional coaching you will learn how to support your liver and protect it from external stressors and/or toxins. We want you to feel empowered to make the dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to realize your optimal health.

Your health and well-being depends on your liver’s ability to effectively remove and eliminate toxins from the body. As one of the hardest working organs, the liver benefits from an occasional reset. During your Detox program we will help you reduce the liver’s workload and promote overall health.

*2 Week Program:* $395 or $370 if you also book a weight loss program to commence at the conclusion of your Detox.

This includes material, instructions, shakes, cleanse tea & supplements + 2 personal nutrition consults

*4 Week Program:* $675 or $650 if you also book a weight loss program to commence at the conclusion of your Detox.

This includes material, instructions, shakes, tea & supplements + 4 personal nutrition consults

Practitioners: Eris Cushner & Sandrine Ghosh (Nutritionists)


4. Metabolism Reset Lean Program

Metabolism Reset

Lean Body Program

2 Week Program

*You can do this as a standalone program or start with the Two Week Liver Detox Program and follow with this!*

Our Metabolism Reset Lean Body Program is designed to support healthy weight loss and successful weight maintenance by helping individuals lose fat while maintaining lean muscle. The program is easy to follow, with whole foods, shakes and supplements designed to work on a mitochondrial level, the very core of your metabolism. In the knowledge that there are trillions of cells in the body, with 200-1000 mitochondria per cell (depending on cell type).

*As we reset your body, we enable:*

* The body to burn fat as fuel

* Support insulin and leptin sensitivity, which helps modulate cortisol

* Help control food cravings

* Support increased energy levels

* Improve sleep

* Lower stress

*2 Week Program: $395 or $370 if you also book a weight loss program to commence at the conclusion of your Reset.

This includes material, instructions, shakes, metabolism reset teas, supplements + 2 personal nutrition consults


5. Therapeutic Nutrition Plans

Detailed food and supplementation plans are written for patients, which can be done alongside a weight loss program or separate. We specialize in supporting GUT healing & IBS, auto immune conditions, diabetes, cholesterol regulation, eczema, recovery from cancer, hormone imbalances, food sensitivities and allergies.

$1250 for 8 visits (visits are 30 minutes)

*Supplements and additional products not included


6. Mindful Eating Program

Develop more understanding around the depth of your appetite and the kinds of cravings you experience. One-on-one counseling sessions uncover and address underlying emotional and lifestyle issues that trigger emotional eating.  

10 weekly, 45 minute visits with Cassale Sherriff 


7. Emotional Eating Specialist (Sormeh Vafaie)

Teaching patients how to learn from their emotions rather than react to them by over eating, and helping them discover their inner world rather than avoiding discomfort, has been transformational for patients she has worked with.

$1200 for 6 visits (60 minute appointments)


8. Integral Coaching

What is integral Coaching? Building awareness of your patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that may be holding you back, so you regain a sense of your true self and essential nature full of strength, ease, compassion, wisdom, and wonder; qualities that have always been but often hidden behind conditioning. You will carry forward a more empowered approach toward desires and goals.

 *“The experience is experiential, heart centered, and healing. I experience peace and centeredness. The layers are unfolding. What a gift” - Bonnie K.* 

After a thorough in-take and assessment based on various integral, developmental, and psychological models, Sormeh will design a customized development plan with a specific purpose and measurable outcomes. We will work experientially so that you will build the skills, capacity, and competency, to self observe, self correct, and excel.

$3000 for 12 sessions ( hourly sessions), either weekly or bi weekly with Sormeh Vafaie  




Our practice

We focus on education and lifestyle modification, starting with nutrition, expanding into movement & exercise, stress modulation, bringing awareness of social influences on eating behaviors and emotional eating exercises. You start to craft a new lifestyle through different choices……



Dr. Gail Altschuler: Medical Weight Loss Physician & Medical Director

Cassale Sherriff: Practice Manager, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Mindful Eating Instructor

Eris Cushner: Nutritionist

Ashley Schroth Cary: Nutritionist, Exercise Trainer

Sormeh Vafaie: Emotional Eating Specialist

Sandrine Ghosh: Nutritionist and Sports Performance
Nutrition Coach

We assist you in creating the best internal environment within your body so you can THRIVE

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