Your Hot New Workout

As you lose weight in Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Greenbrae or Novato this fall, try one of these indoor workouts to heat things up

Though the northern California weather may make it feel like summer will last forever, one thing is certain: there are colder days ahead. If you’ve spent all summer trying to lose weight, you may have taken advantage of our gorgeous climate to burn some calories outdoors—but biking, hiking, walking and swimming will all get significantly more difficult as the weeks wear on and the air grows chillier.

Fortunately, there are so many different kinds of exercise that you could try a new one every day without ever running out of options. The great outdoors offers many ways to get fit and have fun, but the colder months give us a chance to explore other awesome ways to exercise indoors.

If you want to stay warm, few things will do the trick like hot yoga, but that isn’t the only way to get a sweaty indoor workout. Here are two more ways you can heat up your workout and have fun as you lose weight all fall and winter long:


Kick some butt.

Though any self-defense class is sure to make you sweat, the benefits don’t end there. A martial art can be a valuable skill for your whole life, giving you the tools to defend against potential threats and excess weight alike. As you spend more time practicing a martial art, you may find it becoming one of your favorite hobbies—possibly even making you feel more confident and independent.

Martial arts come in so many different forms that there’s sure to be one for you. You can try Muay Thai, an ancient form of kickboxing from Thailand, at the Sonoma County Martial Arts Center in Petaluma or Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Marin Mixed Martial Arts in San Anselmo.


Cut a rug.

If you’ve ever been to a disco or high school dance, you’ve probably experienced the kind of caloric burn that dancing can bring. But in addition to being an amazing workout, dance can be the perfect way to expose yourself to a new culture and even make new friends.

You don’t have to have feet like Fred Astaire to try dancing. Dance has become increasingly popular as a workout, with Zumba classes popping up all over the country. Accessible even to beginning dancers, Zumba doesn’t require an abundance of grace, but the high energy classes and Latin beats will get you moving without fail. You can try Zumba at Healthworks Total Fitness in Novato.

Of course, there’s also the tango, square dancing, ballroom dancing, breakdancing—the list goes on and on. Try out a few different dance classes and see what moves you.

The summer may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean you have to confine yourself to the same-old exercises at a stuffy gym. As you lose weight, give these unique workouts a shot—you’re sure to break a sweat, have some fun and even learn a thing or two!

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