What Does a Health Coach Do?

You know you want to feel better, maintain a healthy body size, and enjoy a higher quality of life. But you just don’t know where to start.

This is where a health coach comes in. At Marin Weight Loss & Wellness, our team of expert nutritionists and wellness providers spend the time with you to determine what your personal health and wellness issues are. Then we put together an action plan to overcome obstacles and make a healthier life a reality.

We’d like to share exactly what a health coach does and how enlisting our services can help you.

Identifies unhealthy habits

Sometimes, you’re undermining your own good health without even realizing it. A health coach can help you identify any problematic habits and overcome them. For example, you may be choosing healthy foods – but eating portions that are way too large, so you’re not losing weight. Or you may be exercising regularly, but failing to do the strength-training or cardio necessary to alter your body composition.  

Designs a holistic, healthy diet that’s right for you

So many one-size-fits-all diet plans are out there. Each one promises weight loss, boosted energy, and better health, but they don’t you do any good if they’re too hard to follow. Deciphering what’s right for you is key to making a diet work for you.

A health coach takes into account your health concerns, weight, preferences, schedule, and any symptoms you’re currently experiencing to devise a diet that’s not only tasty, but that supports optimal health. Our plans help curb cravings so you’re satisfied, but still on track to a healthy physique.

Creates an exercise plan 

Just like no one diet is right for every person, nor is one exercise program. Our team works with you to create a routine that will get you results, but also match your lifestyle and current fitness status. 

Extreme routines and a rapid increase of physical activity may yield fast weight loss -- if you don’t get injured in the process. We help you ease into physical fitness and choose smart moves that are effective, but keep you safe from injury. We can also help you with time management so you never skip a session. 

Helps you improve your quality of life

Improved quality of life may mean weight loss, but it also includes so much more. A health coach can help you learn strategies to sleep better, reduce stress, lower your risk of chronic disease, and enjoy an overall improved quality of life. We act as a bridge between your doctor and your trainer at the gym, filling in all the gaps that can leave you flailing when it comes to optimal health.

Provides accountability

Health coaching involves regular monitoring so you stay accountable and remain on track. And if your schedule or needs change, we can make adjustments to your diet and exercise plans so you don’t lose ground when moving toward your goals.

Our Marin Weight Loss & Wellness team knows a lot about nutrition, mindfulness, health, and wellness, and we have a mission to share that directly with you through health coaching. Men and women interested in optimal wellness and weight loss should call one of our offices in Novato or Greenbrae, California, or schedule an appointment online to meet with a health coach. What are you waiting for?

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