We're In This Together

Fighting the obesity epidemic for the good of all Americans

The American obesity epidemic is a health concern unlike any other in our nation’s history. It seems to become worse with each passing year, affecting countless numbers of our citizens without showing signs of slowing or relenting. If you’ve sought the help of a medical weight loss program, you’ve made a big step towards ending obesity’s grip on your own life, but as you fight to lose weight and get healthier, try to remember all the other people in America who haven’t made the same commitment.

Two-thirds of the American population is now overweight, and half of them are heavy enough to be labeled as obese. The annual cost of treating obesity-related illness is already more than $190 billion, and by 2030 studies estimate that the amount of obese Americans will reach a staggering 42 percent.

It’s a scary thought to say the least. But if we work together to end obesity now, once and for all, we can build the foundation for a healthier future. At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent Weight of the Nation conference, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) declared a veritable war on obesity, laying out goals and strategies for conquering the obesity epidemic that will need to be implemented by our society as a whole. The IOM says that by changing the way we think about food and fitness we can put the brakes on obesity and create a healthier world for ourselves and our children.


The IOM’s Strategies

The IOM’s proposal is vast, containing strategies for fighting obesity at all levels of our society. It can be summed up with these five core goals:

There’s no doubt about it: we need to completely overhaul the way we deal with obesity on a national level if we are to succeed in becoming a healthy country. The IOM’s strategies are certainly a step in the right direction and may be our best bet in loosening obesity’s grip on our society. To read the full report, visit the IOM’s website, where information on all of its in-depth strategies is available for free. A recent four-part documentary broadcast on HBO called The Weight of the Nation also seeks to bring greater attention to the problem of obesity in America, and can be viewed online for free at the documentary’s website.

Each and every one of us is in this struggle together. Ending obesity will happen with one healthy American at a time. Will you be a part of the solution?

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