Update on the CoronaVirus

Each day there are new developments and we want to keep you informed. There are currently over 100 people in CA diagnosed with CoronaVirus/Covid-19, and the number is sure to increase. Our actions in both avoiding crowds, staying home if we think we might be infected, and frequent hand washing are helping to contain and slow the spread.

We will conduct visits via Zoom, FaceTime, or by phone with equal benefit for anyone who prefers not to come to the office. We are continuing to take precautions at Marin Weight Loss & Wellness. We will disinfect the rooms and common surfaces frequently throughout the day and have made gloves and hand sanitizer readily available. Let us know if you have symptoms or believe that you’ve been exposed.

In our enthusiasm, the last email went out with suggestions for supplements that are thought to strengthen the immune system with the idea that this might make us less susceptible to disease if we are exposed. Although they are supplements that have been recommended in the past as possibly preventing or minimizing colds or flu, they are not medically proven or recommended. They are not a substitute for medical advice or care if you have been exposed or think you may have been infected with Covid-19.

Still most important is to stay healthy so we are less susceptible to illness. Get lots of rest, sleep well, eat well, avoid sugar and excess alcohol, get moderate exercise and fresh air. Avoid contact with elderly people or people with underlying heart or lung disease or chronic illness, as these people are the most vulnerable. If you suspect that you may be infected or exposed, call your doctor to see what the recommended next steps are.

On the positive front, they are finding that medication used to treat malaria has been effective in treating the virus, very good news indeed. Researchers are moving quickly and gaining in understanding day by day.

If you have questions, please email or call the office. Wishing you all good health.

- Dr. Gail

For reliable, up to date information check the CDC at

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