Turning the Page to a Healthier You

You have probably heard someone refer to a new job or the loss of a loved one as the start of a new chapter in their life. There are thousands of analogies that we can come up with to explain the transition from one part of our lives to the next, but none may be as apt as that of a simple book.

Our lives are made of chapters, just like a favorite novel. Some chapters are shorter, some are long. Some chapters are filled with heartache and stress while others wrap everything up neatly—and some chapters don’t make much sense at all.

A single chapter taken out of context lacks meaning. While some pieces of the chapter may make sense, the story isn’t complete yet. This is how we age. Each chapter in our lives holds new meaning. There are changes we have to make to open the next chapter that don’t make much sense yet, but the only way to continue with our narrative is to let go and continue pushing forward.

Summer is an especially common time for change, especially for those with children. Summer is always a time of transition from one grade level to the next, and this is an even larger transition period for those with children finishing high school or college and moving out of the house altogether. Whether you are transitioning to having your children home all day, letting the kids go as you adjust to an empty nest or if you are approaching a summer retirement, it is important to embrace the next chapter in your life. The best way to do this is to be prepared.


A new chapter can start anywhere. Here are a few tips to stay on track with your medical weight loss goals as you transition towards what life holds ahead.

  • Implement environmental control: Set yourself up for success by having the fridge stocked with healthy foods that are part of your meal plan. Load up on all the ingredients you need so you have access to quick and healthy homemade meals and are not tempted to eat out routinely.
  • Have a plan of action: During times of transition it can be easy to let your workout plans fall by the wayside. Stay on track by having an activity plan. Decide what days you are going to work out and for how long, and then pencil in time slots so you keep to it. One of the easier ways to stick to a workout schedule is to sign up for an exercise class.
  • Build a support network: Having a strong network of support is essential during times of transition. Surround yourself with friends and family members that are encouraging towards your weight loss goals. If you do not have friends that you can turn to at this time, then seek out a support group in Greenbrae or Novato.
  • Track your progress: Keeping a journal is a good way to track the changes that you are going through. Instead of just writing down a day-to-day log of what you have eaten, keep track of stressors that you encounter, ideas that you have, why you didn’t feel motivated to work out today and what you are hoping to accomplish soon. A journal is great tool to enhance self-accountability.
  • Reward yourself: Find a non-dietary reward that you will look forward to, like taking a day off of work and going to a spa, or buying new clothes. Set a reasonable goal and work towards it with the thought of your prize awaiting you.

Remember, you are the author of your own book. You write every chapter that you live through, so you have ultimate control over how you approach and react to life’s changes.


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