Super Bowl 50’s Official Dip – Hummus: 4x the Calories of Salsa

We all love to dip. A lot of times, but all that dipping adds up to quite a few extra calories, mostly fat. And when you think that what you’re dipping is healthy, it’s easy to mindlessly dip, especially while watching your favorite team go for the win!


Dip may seem trivial, but it’s not! It’s good to know which dip is healthiest. That way, you’re not unknowingly ruining all the hard work you’ve been doing to look and feel your best!

Salsa is one of the most popular dips around, with its satisfying taste and variety of flavors. It can be found at any grocery store and at Mexican restaurants. Salsa is especially popular while watching the big game… we’re talking Super Bowl!

Although salsa has had its time in the spotlight for many years, as the official dip of the Super Bowl for years – Hummus has succeeded poor old salsa as the new official dip of Super Bowl 50.

So, which is healthier? The classic Salsa or the new and trendy Hummus?

2 TBS of salsa has 8 calories and no fat because it’s made of only vegetables. The same 2 TBS of hummus has 70 calories and 5 grams of fat.  That’s 4 times as many calories, and who has only 2 TBS?  This effect is compounded by the fact that hummus comes in many varieties. It’s natural to want to taste them all, so you can see how quickly the calories add up.

If you’re dipping tortilla chips into salsa, which you most likely are, you’re getting added calories, fat, and sodium. Consider, if you’re dipping veggies like sliced cucumber, carrots, or celery in Salsa, you’re getting the added bonus of healthy nutrients and lower calories.

The Verdict: Dipping anything into hummus changes the story completely, with too many calories and fat, why bother? If you’re choosing between the two, save yourself the trouble and stick with salsa and veggies! Eat up….and enjoy.

Remember to party like a person who weighs what you want to weigh.


Special times require special skills:

  • Family visits present special challenges
  • Cruises
  • Reverting to childhood and the old ways
  • Family stress
  • And the opportunity to indulge in old favorites and long standing routines.


Most of the skills mentioned in this article apply. For me, being prepared mentally and physically seems to be the most helpful. When I imagine a great vacation full of love and relaxed laughter, I usually get blindsided. When I recognize there will be fulfilling parts along with the challenges, I’m likely to have a much better time and definitely take better care of myself.


These additional ideas and activities help, too.

  • Take a walk. Remember to include time for yourself or with a favorite friend or relative. It helps not to be swept up in the general activities.
  • Be gentle with yourself.


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”


Cruises present a particular kind of challenge and they seem to be more popular every year. At the same time, they present an opportunity to care for yourself and have a great time, too. For some reason, they have become associated with massive, constant supplies of food. How do you prepare for that? Here are some suggestions that have helped many people who, like you, want to maintain a sense of control and good health: If there are 2 seatings, ask for the early seating (this is from several cruise goers and it does seem to make a difference). Stay on track with regular protein, even having a small snack before a meal. Choose the meals that are special to indulge in and eat modestly during the other meals.


Walk a lot, laugh a lot, relax a lot. Look for more ways to be happy and healthy.


You can be Happy and Healthy,

Dr. Gail Alschuler

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