Strike a Pose: Beginning Yoga for Weight Loss

During your medical weight loss program in Marin County, Dr. Altschuler will want you to incorporate exercise into your day-to-day life. Exercise should play a significant part in any weight loss program and should mold into your unique lifestyle. When weighing your exercise options, don’t forget to consider yoga.

Yoga is a great exercise to consider for any weight loss program, especially for those who have become accustomed to a largely sedentary lifestyle. Yoga can be tailored to match any fitness level and is good for toning muscles, flexibility, relaxation and a positive mind-body connection.


Getting Started with Yoga

Joining a beginner yoga class at a gym or a local studio is a good place to start. The instructor will give the guidance you need to make sure you are doing the poses correctly. This is highly important in yoga, as performing poses incorrectly can lead to injury. Start slow and work your way to the more advanced poses in time. Don’t push yourself to do anything too strenuous. If a pose is too difficult, go back to a pose you are familiar with, or ask the instructor to show you a modified pose.


There are several different types of yoga you can try:


Explore your yoga options and find which one suits you best. You want to make your weight loss journey a positive and satisfying experience. Yoga offers a mental and physical workout, without putting too much added stress on your body. Just like with any exercise, you want to consult your weight loss doctor before diving in, but after that feel free to strike a pose for weight loss.

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