Specialist in Sport & Athletic Nutrition Programming Now Available

We welcome nutritionist, Sandrine Ghosh to the practice

Sandrine has recently joined our practice and is currently kicking off our Liver Detox program. Sandrine is passionate about whole foods nutrition and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. As a certified Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef, Sandrine combines her expertise in nutrition, meal planning and therapeutic cooking to help clients prevent illness and improve health. 

Specializing in sports nutrition coaching, working with young athletes and active adults to optimize nutrition for improved performance, weight management and recovery.  

Sandrine has a Master's in Global Marketing and formerly worked for Sony Retail Entertainment. In 2012, Sandrine received her Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef Certifications from Bauman College in Berkeley and most recently her Sport Nutrition Certification from Precision Nutrition. 

Sandrine lives with her family in Mill Valley, CA. As the mother of  three teenagers involved in competitive sports, Sandrine understands the challenges of identifying and preparing nourishing meals and snacks that support their rigorous training schedules and busy lifestyle.    

To book a complimentary consultation with Sandrine, please call Nicole on 415-897-9800 or email us at nicole@marinweightloss.com.

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