Size Does Matter

By this time you’ve learned the importance of planning your meals. First and foremost you know the importance of choosing healthy food. Now it’s time to consider your choices, not only for quality, but for quantity as well. You saw this coming, quality and quantity go hand in hand, don’t they?

This is not a black and white situation. It’s a balance between where we’ve come from, and who we need to be in the new times we live in. We’re born with natural survival inclination to eat whatever we come across. “I have food today but will I have it tomorrow”? But for those of us who are blessed to live in a time and place of abundance, the choices are reversed.

Just imagine, if you wanted coconut milk or even just coconut to mix with your food, you would need to climb a palm tree or scavenge for one that’s fallen, pry off the husk, crack the nut open on a rock, or punch through the holes at the top. This, just for a drink of coconut milk. The meat took even more effort. And don’t forget to share this with your family.

How many of you remember sitting around the kitchen table with a bowl of almonds and walnuts. In the bowl was one of those silver nutcrackers? Remember, it took some time to crack those nuts and pick out the meat. We ate slowly, giving us time for hunger and feeling full to catch up with each other. Fast forward to Costco and it’s 5 pound bags of almonds and walnuts, cracked and peeled. It’s so easy to grab a handful and then another and maybe even a handful after that. Nuts are healthy, but they were never meant to be consumed in the volume and frequency that we can now. As little as a quarter cup of nuts weigh in at 220 calories. And I don’t know about you, but I often want more.

Can you think of some healthy foods that you’ve come to eat in excess? Maybe olive oil, maybe avocados. What are some that come to your mind? Think about the healthy foods that satisfy you the most. Maybe it’s lean meat, maybe it’s whole grain bread. Now think of them for both quality, and quantity. And let’s not allow manufacturers and restaurants to decide portion size for us. They’re the experts when it comes to supersizing.

Maybe we have more choices than our ancestors, but looking back, their limits might be seen as better than they seem. Maybe, with these new choices comes the responsibility to make smart ones. This all comes down to planning, or in other word, taking back the power over your choices. Now more than ever panning is essential, so plan to succeed.

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