September Is Back To You Time

“And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.” ~ Libba BrayThe Sweet Far Thing

Summer is a busy time, maybe we’ve been traveling or taking care of visitors, hosting those outdoor barbeques or minding our kids who are home from school.

September is the beginning of a new season, and it can signal a change of routine as well. For many of us, there’s a natural tendency to get down to business and back to basics.

We’ve been busy taking care of others so now is a time to pay attention to our own needs, or in other words, to take care of ourselves as well as we care for others. It feels good to have more time to do so. We now take time remembering what helps us and what doesn’t. Why not take the time to ramp up that exercise routine? Time to clean out those leftover summer snacks. Let’s organize our meals in order to stay on plan. As an added bonus, it’s nice to discover that the better we care for ourselves, the better we care for our families.

Let’s nourish ourselves from the inside out. Let’s think about trying something new, be it a ballroom dance class, a new Pandora station or CD to listen to, or trying a new hobby like knitting or hiking.

I would love to hear in the comments what you want to do to focus on your own needs and make you feel nurtured this fall.

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