Say What? Motivational Quotes for Weight Loss

It’s amazing how just a few little words, when put together in just the right way, can have a lasting impact on your life. Motivational quotes can help you power through the most difficult times. We repeat them over and over when pulling up to a big job interview. We tell them to our loved ones in times of despair. We even drop them in regular conversation to get a laugh every now and then. The right quote can help you in a wide variety of ways, including with your efforts during your medical weight loss program.

Weight loss quotes have a special power during medical weight loss programs. Your weight loss doctor can help motivate you during your office visits, and you probably even have friends or family members who encourage you to continue making healthy choices throughout your day. But what helps you stay on track in those moments when you are all alone? A recent survey from the Hartman Group found that more than half of all snacking among adults in the US is done alone and on the fly. Who is going to stop you from overdoing it when no-one is watching? That type of weight loss accountability needs to come from within.

Motivational weight loss quotes can help you stay on track so you can strive for your ultimate health and wellness goals. Make these quotes positive affirmations to keep yourself on track during your medical weight loss program.


Here are a few of our favorite motivational quotes that are great for staying encouraged during your weight loss program:


These are just a few popular motivational quotes—there are thousands of others. Do you have a favorite quote that empowers you to keep up with your weight loss plan? Find your own quote that keeps you positive when you feel like giving up. Just never forget how far you have come with your weight loss and how far you will continue to go with the right motivation and determination.

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