Precision Health: Harnessing Technology for Weight Loss Success Focus on Micronutrients

Technology has been and is now at the forefront of advanced health care. We now have the ability to dig deep into the genetic and metabolic factors making us who we are, down to the very cellular level. This is exciting stuff. Advanced discoveries as to how our bodies function is amazing. Better yet, we are now able to apply this knowledge, not only to enhance your weight loss success but to enjoy better health. This is why we developed Precision Health.

Here’s an example of how Precision Health helped one person we’ve been caring for.

We began with a panel of tests including an examination of micronutrients. Micronutrient testing measures how a wide variety of nutrients are actually functioning within your cells. It measures your reserves. By looking for functional deficiencies at the cellular level, we can see what nutrients might be lacking. We also gain a deeper understanding of which pathways and functions need additional support.

The latest technology enables us to look at 33 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and antioxidants, as well as an overview of inflammation and infection-fighting ability. This is important information. We use it to gain insight into potential physiological deficits and their cause. It helps us identify health risks and/or problems whose causes are not readily apparent. We can now see patterns of risk that can then be circumvented with proper diet and supplementation.

This young man had lost a significant amount of weight but continued to experience fatigue. He had a long history of frequent infections. He had several congenital health problems and worked hard, so he had come to accept his low energy state as inevitable. We looked at his genetic tendencies, his thyroid, and his microbiome. But, the Micronutrient test provided a critical piece of information that allowed us to craft his program.

It turned out that his diet was limited and he had several significant deficits. These corresponded to multiple nutrients that were essential for supplying the energy needs of cells and building strong immunity.

Over the subsequent months, Precision Health helped him adjust his diet and add some targeted supplements. The first goal was to build up reserves. As his reserves were replenished, we continued with a diet that more readily supplied needed nutrients and then supplemented nutrients that he might have difficulty supplying with diet. His genetic profile had shown tendencies that we were able to use to customize an eating and exercise plan playing to his strengths.

It’s been exciting to see his progress over these past several months. On his last visit, he was excited to report that he could do so much more without fatigue. “I feel really good, awake, alert. When I get home from work, I have energy to spare. And I’ve had no major illness this season.” Bravo. With the help of this new technology, we were able to create a very specific road map for his continued success.

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