Overcoming the Desire to Overeat

Have you ever caught yourself uttering the phrase, “Well, I could eat.” Let’s examine that phrase and others like it for a moment. You are not hungry. You are not craving anything. You were not suddenly shown the most magnificent piece of chocolate cake you have ever laid eyes on. No, you do not have anything to do, and so, you could eat. Appetite suppressants in Greenbrae can help you to fight hunger, but it is up to you to overcome the mental desire to overeat.

Compulsive overeating is a habit. Somewhere along the line, you learned to fill the empty moments with food. You got some reward. Preparing a meal relieved boredom. Food tastes yummy, and you got that momentary release of endorphins that come with satiation. However, there is no compelling reason to eat. It is just something you do. Many people avoid the desire to overeat by replacing the habit with another arbitrary action, such as playing a game, taking a walk, or even cleaning the house. This type of habit replacement may work for many people that are willing to do anything other than get a bowl of ice cream, but while you are replacing the replacing the desire to eat with something else you may still be thinking about the snack that you are not eating. Maybe, this works for a while, but soon enough, you may find yourself going back to food.

How about trying something different? Rather than suppressing or substituting your desire to eat, bring it out into the light of day. The next time you feel the desire to eat when you know you are not hungry, stop yourself short and reflect. You should let that thought rise to the surface and examine it. Okay, you want to eat, but you just ate. So why are you going to eat? Think about it. Try to find a compelling reason to eat. When you find none, dismiss the thought and go about your business. Do not give the desire to overeat anymore thought than it is worth, and it is worth remarkably little. It was a minor, passing fancy and nothing more.

When people look over the edge of a cliff or the side of the building, sometimes, they feel an impulse to see if they can fly. What do they do? They shake their head and say, “Well, that’s just silly.” They do not begin furiously knitting a sweater to prevent them from jumping. The impulse to overeat is the same thing. It is a silly passing fancy. Instead of hiding from your desire to overeat, bring it to the light of day and dismiss it as such.

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