Motivation for Weight Loss

Whether you are looking for a weight loss program or are in the midst of your weight loss journey, you know that it takes more than just signing up for a gym membership to get fit. You need to find the internal motivation to get up and get moving, and once you are moving you need to stick with it. The truth is that no one ever said that getting fit is easy, but it is possible.


5 Ways to Keep Moving

When you want to get motivated during your weight loss journey, consider some of the following important tips:

  • Focus on something you enjoy doing. Don’t do anything that you really don’t like. If you are someone who doesn’t like going to the gym three times a week, for example, then it is time for you to consider other exercise options. While some people like getting out of their house to work out, other people are more interested in working out in their own living room. Making your own decisions allows you to feel more in control of your work out and you will be more likely to continue with a fun routine than with one you don’t enjoy.
  • You may need some outside encouragement. Remember to consider how outside motivation might suit you. Some people do well with a personal trainer, while other people need gentler pressure in the form of a class. Think about what kind of interaction you like and how much contact you need. The better you know yourself, the better your chances are of staying motivated.
  • Keep your goal in mind. Remember that part of good motivation is having a goal in mind. You can strive and workout and be disciplined all you like, but unless you have a goal, it is very easy to get derailed. Think about what you want in terms of your weight loss realistically. For example, are you entirely interested in weight, or are you also interested in flexibility and strength.
  • Try something new. There are plenty of classes, runs and activities that are geared towards fitness and health that don’t follow the general gym guidelines. Try a hot yoga class or a geocache mission to stay active.
  • (B)log your movement. Try starting an exercise blog, or just keep a journal to track your progress. If you create a public blog, then you can share your weight loss journey with your family and friends. This could be a positive and creative outlet to help you keep up and stay on track.


Sometimes, the biggest roadblock during your weight loss journey can be you. Staying motivated and positive is the best way to optimize your weight loss results and begin a healthier lifestyle. Consider how you can best motivate yourself when it comes to weight loss.

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