Make Friends with Weight Loss

A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down. – Arnold H. Glasow

When we need a helping hand, our good friends are there to lend it. When we feel chewed up, spit out and ready to quit, a good friend can pull us out of that funk and get us moving in the right direction. When life seems desperate or difficult, our good friends can remind us that we aren’t alone—we all go through life together and can help each other with our problems.

During your weight loss program in Greenbrae or Novato, your friends can be crucial assets. Your nearest and dearest can help you stick to your medical weight loss diet, they can accompany you as exercise partners, they can give you a sympathetic ear to vent to—even if your friends don’t share your weight loss goals, they can share in your journey towards them.

Because weight loss can be a difficult process, it’s important to have the support of others. Though you can always turn to Dr. Altschuler and her staff for guidance, it will be useful to have others in your daily life who help you stay focused and motivated on your weight loss program. Turning your relationships into the ultimate support system may take time, but you can start with these two steps:


Step One: Talk to your friends about weight loss.

Those who truly care about you will likely be more than eager to help you lose weight, but may not know where to begin. Weight loss can be a touchy subject and is one you’ll need to broach with your friends and loved ones if you hope for their help.

Take the time to speak with everyone who regularly influences your lifestyle decisions. Start with those you live with, as they are the most likely to have an impact on your diet and exercise habits. Tell your friends and loved ones how important weight loss is to you and explain how they can help.

If they’ve already been doing things that help you, thank them and explain what a powerful impact those continued behaviors can have on your progress. If they’ve been doing things that may impede your progress (like leaving scrumptious baked goods around the house), kindly ask them to stop or do so in a way that doesn’t have such a strong effect on you. Most people will be surprised to find that their actions have been making your weight loss difficult and will jump at the chance to join your team.


Step Two: Use your weight loss program to find a few new friends.

Losing weight can open up many opportunities in your life, including the chance to make new friendships. New friends who share your healthy interests can come in many forms and from many places, including:

The Beatles were right: we all get by with a little help from our friends, and this could not be truer than during a medical weight loss program. How have your friends helped during a weight loss program in Greenbrae, Petaluma or Novato? Tell us in the comments below!

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