How a Workout Buddy can Help You Lose Weight

During medical weight loss, an exercise partner can help you get more out of every workout

Your friends can be valuable for many reasons during medical weight loss, but few friends will boost your efforts quite like a workout buddy. A workout buddy can help you get more out of every minute of exercise, and this can be a valuable asset as you build your fitness level and lose weight in Greenbrae, Novato or Petaluma.

What makes a workout buddy so special? Exercising with others can provide numerous benefits like:

You may already have some idea of which friends you’d most like to exercise with, but it’s important to remember that not everyone will be a perfect fit. To make your partnership worthwhile, you and your buddy will need to have similar expectations and desires for your exercise sessions, and this means finding someone whose fitness level is comparable to your own. You’ll also need to find someone with a compatible schedule who has no trouble staying motivated.

Once you’ve found someone to exercise with, there are many things you can do together beyond just sweating it out side by side in the gym. To have some fun with your workout buddy, try out things like:

Remember: you don’t have to stick with solo workouts as you lose weight in Greenbrae, Novato or Petaluma—adding some exercise allies can be a big help in staying motivated and working out harder.

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