How a Daily Diet Journal Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

A daily diet journal is a proven asset in helping you achieve your weight-loss goals. This log of what foods and drinks you consume each day helps you identify triggers that cause you to eat and be honest about what and how much you’re eating. At Marin Health & Wellness, we help you structure your diet journal and check in with your progress regularly, so you can achieve your goals.

Always include

A daily diet journal helps you (and us) to know what you eat and drink. We’ll help you structure the journal to list not only what and how much you eat but where you ate and who was with you. You’ll also add your mood: Were you bored, stressed, angry, or just plain hungry? Note the activity you were doing while eating, too. This includes driving, watching television, or working on the computer.

A diet journal can also include your daily activity levels, so you know exactly how long you’re moving every day.

Mood is important

You want to note your mood, because it often relates to your eating habits. When you identify why you overeat or make poor choices at times, it can help you change your habits and achieve your goals. It also helps us guide you in making these changes and offering effective strategies that are alternative ways to deal with stress, anger, boredom, or anxiety.

Be diligent and timely

Don’t wait until the end of the day – or worse the next day – to write in your journal. Keep your diary with you all day and immediately log what you eat and drink, even if it seems minor. A piece of candy, a sample at the warehouse store, and a cup of coffee all matter.

Your memory may fail you if you wait to detail your meal much later, and you may not be feeling the exact same way later and can’t conjure back up the mood behind your meal.

The details matter

The more detailed your food log, the more helpful it will be in helping you achieve your goals. Write down portion sizes. Instead of just “chicken strips and fries,” indicate the number and size, for example. If you’re not sure, you can estimate or compare your food item to a real-life object like a deck of cards or tennis ball.

Why a diet journal works

A food diary helps you get at the reasons why you may be having trouble losing weight. It can also curb mindless munching that derails your efforts. You may even reconsider eating something when you know you have to write it down.  

The diet journal also helps our team at Marin Health & Wellness figure out how we can help you achieve your goals. We customize weight-loss plans so they work for your lifestyle, preferences, and schedule. A food journal offers instrumental details about unconscious habits and thoughts that affect your patterns of eating.

If you’re ready to lose weight, our experts at Marin Weight Loss & Wellness stand ready to offer our support. Men and women in Novato and Greenbrae, California, can call or book a consultation online to learn tools and strategies to help lose unwanted pounds.

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