Hot for Hot Yoga

If you’ve started a medical weight loss program in Petaluma, Greenbrae or Novato, there’s a good chance that you’re open to trying new things. In taking on a medical weight loss program, you knew you’d need to commit to some changes in your lifestyle, as well as the way you think about diet and exercise. As you become more comfortable with your healthier way of life and continue to lose weight, you may find yourself exposed to many opportunities to try exciting new kinds of exercise.

Hitting the gym for your go-to-routine time and time again can become boring and even lead to a bad case of exercise burnout. Though the typical treadmill sweat session can be very beneficial as you lose weight, you may also find yourself ready to branch out and try some new things.

Yoga can be an excellent form of exercise during medical weight loss, but hot yoga takes the benefits of the practice even further. Performed in a room heated to between 85 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit, hot yoga won’t just make you sweat—some believe that it adds an even more meditative element to this ancient workout.

Because hot yoga can be physically demanding, you should speak with your medical weight loss doctor before diving into a hot yoga class to ensure that your body is ready for the challenge. But if you find yourself wondering about the possibilities of incorporating hot yoga into your medical weight loss plan, check out the benefits this sweaty workout can provide:

  1. Increase your heart rate and metabolism. Much like sitting in a sauna, performing yoga in a heated room allows your blood vessels to become more flexible. This will increase blood flow to your limbs and make circulation easier, keeping your muscles warmer to help you twist into poses and stretch with greater ease.
  2. Relieve stress. In general, regular yoga is touted for its abilities to reduce stress and promote a stronger connection between body, mind and spirit. However, hot yoga takes this to next level by pushing you even further beyond your comfort zone. The challenges presented in a heated yoga class help make the other obstacles you encounter in life seem much easier to deal with.
  3. Eliminate toxins. During a hot yoga class, expect to sweat—a lot. As you lose those buckets of sweat, your body will get rid of a massive amount of toxins. Your body will most likely also burn fat more efficiently in the heat—fat may be as fuel during hot yoga classes and you may quickly find that it makes a difference in your efforts to lose weight.

Even a regular yoga class will help you strengthen and tone your body during medical weight loss, but hot yoga will take these benefits even further. Many yoga studios offer hot yoga classes, like Bikram Yoga in Petaluma. If you already frequent a yoga studio in the Greenbrae and Novato area, ask about hot yoga classes and see if you can give this exciting workout a try—just be sure to check with Dr. Altschuler to make sure you’re ready.


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