Helpful Tips For Getting Into A Healthy Routine

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” ~ Lao Tzu

How funny it is that we look forward to summer all winter and spring, and then when summer arrives, we look forward to summer’s end. We anticipate the holidays, yet we are relieved when they’ve passed. Even vacations bring both anticipation and relief at returning to our routines. I remember as a child saying, “It’s good to go, but it’s good to come back too.”

The one thing these all have in common is that they are transitions. Transition means change. This change can be seamless, or it can be abrupt. They can be destabilizing and that means you (actually your routines) are vulnerable.

So it’s time to pay attention, and to be aware. By staying aware we can minimize, if not entirely avoid, potential lapses. Why is this important?  Because the sooner we recognize this potentially vulnerable stage, the less likely we are to fall into old or unhealthy patterns.

Here are some suggestions for making your transitions and smooth as possible:

There are also apps that will help with meal planning and grocery shopping. Notes apps like Evernote have a list option that’s easy to add to on the go and keep for future reference. There’s even an app called Grocery IQ that makes shopping suggestions for you. Find a system that works for you and keep it up.

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