Get the Most Out of Your Keto Diet: 5 Foods That Will Help Speed Your Results

The ketogenic (or keto) diet has become a popular means of fulfilling weight loss goals for many people. By cutting carbohydrate sources down very low, your body is forced to burn fat rather than glucose for energy. The benefits of a keto diet include rapid weight loss, increased energy and sharper mental focus. These five foods will help you get the most out of your keto diet to get the best results.  

1. Seafood

Fish, such as salmon, are rich in B vitamins, potassium and selenium. They're also high in protein but low in carbohydrates. Most shellfish also fall under this umbrella as well; however, the carb ratio will vary depending on the type of shellfish. For instance, while shrimp and most crabs contain no carbs, other types of shellfish can be higher on the carb ratio. When adding seafood into a keto diet plan, it's important to account for the different ratios of carbohydrates when you're trying to stay within a narrow range.

2. Low-Carb Vegetables

Most non-starchy vegetables contain few net carbs, which won't negatively impact your keto diet. They're also beneficial to overall health due to the many nutrients and minerals they contain, including being high in vitamin C. Vegetables also contain antioxidants that help protect against free radicals, and some cruciferous vegetables have been known to decrease cancer and the risk for heart disease. Because the net carb count is between 1 to 8 grams, low-carb veggies make great substitutes for higher-carb foods. For instance, mashed cauliflower is often used as a replacement for potatoes, and most pasta meals can be created from zucchini or other types of squash.

3. Cheese

Most cheese are low in carbs and high in fat, making them something of a staple of keto diets. There are many different types of cheese to choose from, and they also have an enjoyable taste. The versatility of cheese can allow it to be used in a variety of meals. One ounce (28 grams) of cheddar cheese provides 1 gram of carbs, 7 grams of protein and 20 percent of the recommended daily amount for calcium. The addition of calcium in a keto diet may help with bone strength.

4. Avocados

Avocados are in the "good fat" family, or HDL cholesterol. They are an incredibly healthy addition to any diet, including keto. One-half of a medium avocado (about 100 grams) contains 9 grams of carbs. However, 7 of these grams are from fiber, leaving 2 grams as an avocado's net carb count. Additionally, avocados are high in several vitamins and minerals. 

5. Meat and Poultry

Meat and poultry are considered by many as staple foods on a ketogenic diet. Fresh meat and poultry are a high source of protein while containing no carbs. They're also rich in B vitamins, potassium, selenium and zinc. It's recommended you choose from grass-fed meats due to the high amounts of omega-3 fats, conjugated linoleic acid and antioxidants.

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