Eating Slower for Weight Loss

To lose weight and keep it off, you often have to make several lifestyle changes that support that goal. Not only will you have to address your current level of activity, how much time you allow for sleep each night and your stress management techniques, you’ll also have to look at what kinds of food you give your body and how much of it you normally consume.

Once you know where you’re at, you can make key changes to each of those areas that will support your achievement of a healthy weight. While making those changes will take time, commitment and effort on your part, there are also some very small adjustments you can make that will make the road to weight loss easier. In fact, one way that has been proven to help with reduced caloric intake relates to just one action: eating more slowly.


Why Eating Slower Works

Once you start eating, it will take your brain 20 minutes to start giving you the full signal. In our fast-paced culture, taking more than 20 minutes to eat a meal may seem like an impossible task, but research indicates that one of your best aids in lowering your caloric intake is the simple act of eating slower.


When you take your time to eat, you can also:

  • Realize you can eat less and still feel full – This is an important psychological aspect to eating more slowly. You may think you need a certain amount of food to become full while your body has a different opinion. When you give your body time to signal hunger and fullness, you may find out you’ve had the wrong idea about how much food you need to consume.
  • Improve digestion – Since healthy digestion begins in the mouth with your saliva, eating more slowly will give you time to chew your food more thoroughly. Plus, if you stop short of overeating, you can avoid the bloating, gas and even acid reflux that may occur when you eat too much.
  • Enjoy your food more – The process of nourishing your body through eating is meant to be an enjoyable one. When you take your time to enjoy the food before you, you can really appreciate the textures, smells and tastes in your food. Plus, you’ll have time to think about how what you’re eating is contributing—or not—to your decision to lose weight.


Eating more slowly provides a number of benefits and can help you on your medical weight loss journey in Greenbrae. Learning how to eat more slowly and fully enjoy the food in front of you will continue to help you even after you lose weight in fostering a life of health and wellness. 


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