Eat Healthy for Less and Lose Weight

There is a rumor out there that eating healthy is too expensive. Thankfully, this isn’t the case at all. Educating yourself about the best nutritional practices, learning where you can find deals on local produce and setting a budget for your ingredients can help you get the biggest nutritional bang for your buck.

There is no denying that fast food restaurants have budget-friendly meal choices, but the dollar menu at the drive-thru isn’t good for your waistline at all. There are plenty of ways to feel satisfied while sticking to your budget without turning to burgers and French fries day after day. It is time to take a deeper look around Greenbrae, Novato and Petaluma and lose weight while eating a healthy diet on a budget.


Here are a few ways to cut back on your spending while buying healthy foods:

  • Skip the processing. As a general rule, processed foods are more expensive than whole foods. That is because you are paying for the processing and packaging the item has gone through. Buy your produce whole, not pre-sliced or diced, and limit the amount of processed snacks you purchase. The same goes for any meat you buy.
  • Shop in bulk. When you find something healthy that you like, buy a bunch of it. Wholesale clubs make it easy to buy items in bulk. Load up on lean protein sources and healthy starches to supplement healthy meals.
  • Buy produce in season. Fruits and vegetables are cheaper when they are in season because stores are overloaded with them.

Another way to save money while eating healthy is to change where you buy some of your food. Farmers’ markets are often much less expensive than standard grocery stores. That is because at a farmers’ market you are able to buy from the farmer directly without having to pay for the costs of transportation and fuel.

Check out the Marin Country Mart, which has its farmers market every Saturday morning from 9AM to 2PM, rain or shine. The market is just outside of Greenbrae and Petaluma in Larkspur.

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