Delicious Summer Drinks To Prepare, Packed with Protein!

Marin Weight Loss and Wellness is excited to offer some of our hydrating, flavorful drinks on special for the month of June.  With Summer Solstice right around the corner, add these refreshing, protein-packed drinks to your day.  They are perfect for those “on-the-go” busy days when you are running out the door, at your desk at work, going on vacation, or at home relaxing.

Our Shake Shake Bottles are the perfect on-the-go protein-packed drinks.  Just add 8oz. of water to any one of our six delicious flavors including vanilla, chocolate, wild berry splash and proticcino.  We even provide the bottle…just shake, shake, shake!!

The Cold Drink mixes come in powdered form in berry blast, peach mango, grapefruit, or variety fruit pack. Using a hand mixer, add to 8oz. of water for a refreshing and hydrating summer drink that contains 15 grams of protein.  Stick a few in your purse or glove compartment for an “any time” option when you are thirsty and need a protein boost!

Health Wise – Shake Shake 6-pack bottles, usually $12.50 now $10

Our concentrate drinks come in liquid form in mixed berry and pink lemonade.  The mixed berry contains 15 grams of protein while the pink lemonade offers 17 grams of protein per serving.  These drinks make a delicious summer spritzer, simply add seltzer water and mix with a spoon.  A great option for those BBQs and summer fiestas!!

Cold Drinks Mixes – were $12.50 now $10

Last, but not least, try our Reset smoothies.  Offered in berry cream and strawberry cream flavor.  These smoothies have a creamy flavor without a lot of calories.  Add water and using our Shake Shake bottles whip up a smoothie in no time.  They contain 15 grams of protein and will keep you going on those busy days.

Pudding/Shake mix – was $13.25 now $10

Three ways to purchase:
– Stop in to the Novato office
– Call us at (415) 897-9800 to place your order so we can have it ready for you
– Click on the order form below, complete, then email to us at


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