Choose Optimism

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Though we often describe ourselves with these terms, using them may amount to little more than a self-fulfilling prophecy. We tend to view ourselves as one or the other and subscribe to that viewpoint: if you think of yourself as a negative person, you’re more likely approach each situation with a negative attitude, including your medical weight loss program.

But optimism and pessimism aren’t traits that are entirely hard-wired into our genes—they’re also mindsets that we can adopt as needed. Let’s face it: none of us are rays of sunshine at every moment of every day, but nor are we always as morose as Eeyore. Though research has shown that 50 percent of a person’s disposition is determined by genes, only 10 percent relates to that person’s circumstance, leaving 40 percent to the behaviors we can control.

Because life can throw us overwhelming curveballs, staying optimistic in every situation is unrealistic, but keeping a positive viewpoint during medical weight loss can be a huge boon in reaching your goals. A negative outlook can invite many unpleasant emotions, putting stress on your emotional well-being and leading to stomach problems, high blood pressure, headaches and a whole lot of motivational trouble for your medical weight loss plan.

Research has shown that those who routinely experience a higher ratio of positive emotions to negative ones will not only have a better mood, but better physical health as well. Optimism can fill us with a sense of our own power, bolstering our resolve against the anxieties, doubts and despairs that can cause us to sink into hopelessness and inaction.

Just like eating right or exercising regularly, becoming more positive is something you can train yourself to do. It will take focus, but by increasing your positive emotions you can become more resilient, open-minded and creative, improve your relationships and even find yourself performing each day’s tasks with more ease and comfort than when doing them in a pessimistic funk.


Ready to brighten up your attitude? Try these strategies:


No one is all-optimist or all-pessimist: we’re only human, and each of us has our ups and downs. To maximize the ups and minimize the downs, stay positive and remember to smile. The whole world will smile back.

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