A note from Dr. Gail

You’ve been hearing a lot about the CoronaVirus COVID-19 lately, about methods to avoid exposure, limit spread, and what to do if you’ve been exposed or believe you may be ill. This is not to be taken lightly. The statistics comparing countries that fully committed to these precautions early, show an impressive decrease in illness and a slowing of the spread. This puts less stress on the healthcare system and buys time to find a prevention or cure.

So please, by all means, follow the recommendations for social isolation, hand washing and all. If you believe you have been exposed or are coming down with symptoms, primarily dry cough, fever, and developing shortness of breath, CALL your doctor or the ER for instructions on isolation, treatment, and testing. 

I’d like to add one more recommendation. Many of you have worked hard to care for yourselves, eating well, and seeing your health improve and your weight come off. Try and remember that in times of stress or challenge, we might be tempted to give ourselves natural permission to relax all that. 

Try this, imagine yourself at your ideal weight and then imagine responding to stress or any variation in your routine as a person at your ideal weight. It doesn't mean you will do the same thing every day. Just that the exceptions are consistent with your goals. 

Look to us for guidance and support to help stay on track, especially under these exceptional circumstances. Let’s continue to work together to build the skills and practice the tools that will allow us to weigh what we want, regardless of the outside circumstances. 

We are scheduling a Zoom Conference soon and we will get back to you soon with the details, where we can answer your questions and share some tips. We’ll include a short meditation. How else can we support you? Suggestions welcome.

Wishing you joy, ease, and good health. We’re here for you.

Dr. Gail, Cassale, Eris, Sormeh, Nicole, Cari, and Heather

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