3 Reasons a Physician-Supervised Program for Weight Loss Is Worth Trying

Losing weight isn’t easy. That’s one reason why approximately 70% of the American population remains overweight or obese. You may have dabbled in the latest fad diets only to find that the dietary restrictions and exercise requirements were just too much. Or you may have success at first, but then lose enthusiasm part way through and go back to old habits that keep the pounds piling on.


At Marin Weight Loss & Wellness, we offer physician-supervised programs that yield much greater weight loss than one-size-fits-all diet plans. If you want to lose weight to boost your self-esteem, or you have health issues that are aggravated by carrying too much excess fat, consider a physician-supervised plan for these three reasons.

1.    There’s built-in accountability

A medically-supervised weight-loss program at Marin Weight Loss & Wellness has accountability built right in. You may have committed to a weight-loss plan in the past, but if no one helps you abide by the guidelines of healthier eating and increased physical activity, it’s super easy to fall off the wagon and overeat or skip a workout. You can do all the work in finding the right diet or exercise program, but if you don’t have a support system holding it up – chances are it will fail.

With physician supervision, you’re accountable to displaying results at each visit. And if you should run into roadblocks, our team can help you navigate them instead of giving up. For example, we may suggest alternative healthy foods if you find certain ones unpalatable. We can also offer supplements and medications to manage hunger and provide counseling to help you overcome psychological barriers. And should the diet and exercise plan just not be working for you, Dr. Altschuler can change your treatment plan as needed.

2.    The plan is customized

Most diet plans you pull off the internet or find in diet books and magazines are generic. They may work for some people but aren’t guaranteed to work for you. With a physician-supervised program developed by our team at Marin Weight Loss & Wellness, you get a plan made to meet your needs and goals.

We evaluate exactly where you are with your eating and exercise habits and help you restructure them to yield significant weight loss. Your plan is a collaboration between you, your physician, and our staff as we create a plan that merges with your work and family life, food and exercise preferences, physical abilities, and time limitations.

3.    You have medical support

Each physician-supported weight-loss program starts with a complete medical evaluation. Dr. Altschuler can determine if specific medications or health conditions are contributing to your weight gain or inability to lose weight.

She can simultaneously keep tabs on medical problems related to your weight, including prediabetes and diabetes, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure. You receive help in managing these conditions and watching them resolve as your weight reaches a healthier level.

Because a physician-supervised plan usually yields faster weight loss than you can achieve on your own, it’s important that your health is monitored throughout the process. Dr. Altschuler makes sure the quick weight loss isn’t causing nutritional deficiencies or leading to an excessive amount of lean mass loss.

A physician-supervised program makes sense when you need to lose weight and just can’t seem to do it on your own. Our goal is to help boost the health of men and women in California’s Novato and Greenbrae areas. Call us today or book an appointment using this website to get started on your medically supervised weight-loss plan.

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